Volume II (1701-1800)

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William Austin (Avatar)

Austin, William

b.? d.21 January 1793


Vol II

Pg 377

AB Oxon(1776) AM(1780) MB(1782) MD(1783) FRCP(1787)
Print Portrait of William Babington (1756–1823), engraved by William Thomas Fry (after J Tannock

Babington, William

b.21 May 1756 d.29 April 1833


Vol II

Pg 451

MD Aberdeen(1795) LRCP(1796) FRCP(1827) Hon MD Dublin(c.1831) FRS
George Bailey (Avatar)

Bailey, George

b.c.1693 d.1 December 1771


Vol II

Pg 69

MD Rheims(1716) Ex LRCP(1720)
Portrait of Matthew Baillie

Baillie, Matthew

b.27 October 1761 d.23 September 1823


Vol II

Pg 402

AB Oxon(1783) AM(1786) MB(1786) MD(1789) FRCP(1790) Hon FRCP Edin(1809)
Thomas Bainbrigg (Avatar)

Bainbrigg, Thomas

b.1687 d.26 December 1729


Vol II

Pg 83

MD Cantab(1717) FRCP(1723)
Portrait miniature of Sir George Baker, (1722-1809) by Henry Bone, 1817

Baker, George (Sir)

b.1722 d.15 June 1809


Vol II

Pg 213

AB Cantab(1745) AM(1749) MD(1756) FRCP(1757)
Charles Bale (Avatar)

Bale, Charles

b.? d.17 September 1730


Vol II

Pg 68

MB Cantab(1716) MD(1717) FRS(1719) FRCP(1719)
John Bamber (Avatar)

Bamber, John

b.1667 d.7 November 1753


Vol II

Pg 107

LRCP(1724) MD Cantab(1725) FRCP(1726)
Robert Bankes (Avatar)

Bankes, Robert

b.? d.November 1746


Vol II

Pg 134

AB Cantab(1724) AM(1728) MD(1735) FRCP(1737)
John Barker (Avatar)

Barker, John

b.18 April 1708 d.c.31 January 1748/9


Vol II

Pg 158

AB Oxon(1731) AM(1737) MB(1737) MD(1743) FRCP(1746)
William Barrowby (Avatar)

Barrowby, William

b.? d.30 December 1751


Vol II

Pg 61

AB Oxon(1703) AM(1706) MB(1709) MD(1713) FRCP(1718) FRS(1721)
Sir Edward Barry (Avatar)

Barry, Edward (Sir)

b.1696 d.27 March 1776


Vol II

Pg 238

AB Dublin(1717) MD Leyden(1719) MB Dublin(1740) MD(1740) FRCP(1762) FRS
John Thomas Batt (Avatar)

Batt, John Thomas

b.? d.26 August 1762


Vol II

Pg 167

AB Oxon(1736) AM(1739) MB(1742) MD(1746) FRCP(1748)
Portrait of William Battie, (1704- 1776) artist unknown

Battie, William

b.1704 d.13 June 1776


Vol II

Pg 139

AB Cantab(1726) AM(1730) MD(1737) FRCP(1738)