Touching for ‘the King’s evil’: a short history

Touching the king or queen was once thought to be a reliable cure for tuberculous disease. The ‘Royal touch’ was used by thousands of people for several centuries in an effort to cure a condition known as ‘the King’s evil’.

Katie Birkwood

Air Transformed

Making air pollution visible isn’t easy. Two artworks which dramatically show how the air around us can be laden with damaging particles are part of the RCP exhibition Catch your breath. The works were created by Stefanie Posavec and Miriam Quick.

Katie Birkwood

Catch your breath: a new exhibition at the RCP

‘Catch your breath’ is an exhibition of objects, documents, books, art works and stories that explores the meaning of breath and experiences of breathlessness, created in partnership with the Life of Breath project.

Matthew Wood

Searching for the female firsts of the RCP

For International Women’s Day 2019, Aiysha Sheth, a recent intern from the Queen Mary University of London history BA course, reflects on the work she undertook here investigating women in the library, archive and museum collections.

Katie Birkwood