A theatre of doctors: an evening of medical history and drama
Online and 11 St Andrews Place, Regent's Park, London NW1 4LE
RCP Medicinal garden

Join us for a hybrid summer evening of medical history, satire and drama inspired by the current RCP exhibition 'A taste of one's own medicine'.

Throughout the evening, theatre group Rupture in Rapture Theatre will bring to life satirical prints from the exhibition 'A taste of one's own medicine; medical satire at the Royal College of Physicians' with engaging live performances. Plus there will be a range of interactive activities and a chance to explore the exhibition.

In-person visitors will enjoy drama, drinks and nibbles in the beautiful setting of the RCP's medicinal garden next to Regent's Park. In between three live performances you will be invited to attend a guided tour of the exhibition, have the chance to interact with the performers and explore our museum and garden. Guests will receive a free drink on arrival followed by nibbles during the evening.

Online visitors will be able to enjoy the three drama performances live-streamed, will join a virtual tour of the exhibition, and will be able to take part in interactive online games provided by Live'n History and Q&As with the performers.

Timing and tickets

The events starts at 6pm in person, 6.15pm online, and both will finish at 9pm.

If joining online instructions on how to access the event will be sent to you from the RCP Museum team (history@rcp.ac.uk) prior to the event.

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About Rupture in Rapture Theatre

'Employing a long lineage of theatrical traditions, we always endeavour to leave our audiences thoroughly entertained and at the same time also enlightened. We hope to achieve this through combining paradoxical elements to create thrilling, meaningful and memorable artistic drama; we aim to marry the epic with the minutiae, the other-worldly with the truthful and the lightness with the darkness in all our productions.' 


The evening will feature three approximately 15-minute performances, inspired by prints on display in the exhibition 'A taste of one's own medicine; medical satire at the Royal College of Physicians'.

The Dissecting Room

In a crowded attic room four anatomists dissect three corpses'For this performance, we are using macabre black humour, mirroring the style of the exhibition prints, to look at the practice of medical anatomy exploration and the symbiotic body snatching black market trade of the period. Also exploring the rules and etiquette associated with these practices. Giving the audience an appreciation that our understanding of the body and its weaknesses does not happen overnight, and this is often realised through a long, messy and arduous process. Our hope is also to provide a certainty to you, the viewer, that these career paths were certainly not for the squeamish!'

We’ve Had Enough of Experts!

The siege of Warwick Castle.'In this topic, we will be examining historical attitudes towards, and the differences between, professional experts and so-called experts, all of whom are skewered in the exhibition. Looking at the often blurred lines and hostility between these hierarchical structures and categories. Investigating the snobbery, hysteria and other misconceptions various groups, including the general public, held at the time. It is our hope that we can build in our audience, not just a judgement, but also an appreciation of different points of view. After all, accusations of negligence and outright chicanery were sometimes wrong and sometimes well founded, both in the minds of the public and in these very cartoons themselves!' 

Jabs! Jabs!! Jabs!!!

A vaccination scene where patients are sprouting cow-like features.'For this vignette, using this print as our departure point, we are exploring the challenges that arose when the nation attempted to fight back against the smallpox epidemic. We hope to portray the uniqueness of this destructive virus, whilst at the same time, drawing parallels between it and our own recent international medical health emergency. Celebrating the ingenuity in the fight against smallpox and grappling with the ensuing backlash from the fears of groups such as the Anti-vaccination League; an unfounded public panic exemplified in the above print. We are going to share with you the genius and moral ambiguity of this truly revolutionary medical breakthrough: the first ever inoculation injection.' 

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