Digital RCP Museum late: 'narratives of the heart' with Sofie Layton, Dr Jo Wray and Dr Giovanni Biglino
Online event

Photograph of Sofie Layton next to her artworkFor our final digital late of the year join artist Sofie Layton, alongside collaborators Dr Jo Wray and Dr Giovanni Biglino, for a discussion of her art-making practice and the challenges and benefits of transdisciplinary work. The talk will focus on Sofie’s artwork, 'The Bud’, on display as part of our exhibition ‘Under the Skin: anatomy, art and identity’

The evening will include an introduction to our collections and exhibition from the museum team and a live Q&A with Sofie, Dr Wray and Dr Biglino.

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Sofie Layton: Sofie’s artistic practice explores the creative interface between patients and the scientific clinical landscape, based on a participative narrative process. Her work is installation based. “Making the Invisible Visible” was created during her residency at Great Ormond Street Hospital (2015-2016) which focused on rare diseases and how an artist can mediate between patients and the clinical world. Here she began her collaboration with Giovanni Biglino and Jo Wray and was the artistic lead on “The Heart of the Matter”, a national project exploring the medical, experiential and poetic dimensions of the heart (2016-2018). She is in receipt of a LAHP scholarship and is pursuing a research by practice PhD at the Royal College of Art.

Dr Giovanni Biglino: Giovanni combines his background in biomedical engineering and medical research with a life-long passion for the arts. He holds qualifications from Imperial College London, the Brunel Institute for Bioengineering and Harvard Medical School, and has contacted the world of narrative medicine at Columbia University. Currently he works at the Bristol Medical School and the National Heart and Lung Institute, and his research is very collaborative and interdisciplinary. He is one of the Future Leaders in Innovation Enterprise and Research (FLIER) at the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Dr Jo Wray: Jo is a health psychologist with a deep commitment to optimising patient and family engagement, experience and outcomes through both research and quality improvement initiatives. Enabling the voice of patients and families to be heard is a core principle of her work at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science. She had a dual clinical and research role in paediatric cardiothoracic transplantation and cardiology for 20 years and now leads a programme of psychosocial mixed-methods research and quality improvement projects which have a strong creative and interdisciplinary focus. 

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