Robert Huicke

Robert Huicke


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AM Oxon FRCP(1536) MD Cantab(1538)

Robert Huicke, M.D. - A native of Berkshire; he was A.M. of Oxford, and a Fellow of Merton College in that university, but proceeded doctor of medicine at Cambridge in 1538. He was admitted principal of St. Alban's Hall, Oxford, 10th March, 1534-5, but soon after relinquished that office. Admitted a Fellow of the College of Physicians in 1536, he was Censor in 1541, 1556, 1557, 1558, 1559; was named an Elect in 1550; was President in 1551, 1552, 1564, and Consiliarius in 1553, 1559, 1560, 1561.

Dr. Huicke was physician to Henry VIII. and Queen Katharine Parr [and was a witness to her will. Mr J. C. C. Smith's Notes]. Edward VI, by letters patent dated 4th July, 1550, appointed him his physician extraordinary, with the annual stipend of fifty pounds. He was also one of the physicians to Queen Elizabeth, before whom he took a part in the Physic Act kept at Cambridge 7th August, 1564, Her Majesty jesting with him when he desired her licence. He also disputed in the Physic Act before the Queen at Oxford, 5th September, 1566, and on the following day was incorporated M.D. in that university.

Dr. Huicke was not happy in his domestic life, but the fault seems to have rested with himself. In March, 1546-7, there was an appeal against the definitive sentence of Dr. John Croke, in a suit of divorce between Dr. Huicke and Elizabeth his wife. Dr. Croke having given sentence in favour of the wife, Dr. Huicke was the appellant. Examinations respecting the dispute between him and his wife were made by the Privy Council at Greenwich, 11th and 12th May, 1546. The Lords, after hearing both of them face to face, wrote thus to Secretary Petre: "We never in all our liefes harde matier that more pitied us: so much crueltie and circumvencion appered in the man, so little cause minstred by the woman."(1)

William Munk

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["The house that Doctor Huyck dwellith in on this side ?." Will of Roger Chaloner 1550 (17 Coode) at Somerset House.]

[P. or Huyc. Thomas Huicke mentioned on p.50.]