Creative eye photos

On 14 June a group of photography enthusiasts developed their creative skills with professional photographer Theo Deproost using our stunning Grade I listed building as their subject. 

Group of four photos showing participants taking photos with Theo.
Photos by Joelle Li


A London Festival of Architecture event the participants were invited to be inspired by exhibition ‘Unfamiliar’s theme of creating new, ‘in common’ understandings between art and medicine. Led by co-curator of the exhibition and professional photographer Theo they explored our striking home, learnt to compose and create their own images, and were given direct feedback and advice.

Some of the participants have shared their beautiful photographs with us, here are a selection from each: 

Tom Crame

Side view looking up of RCP building Shadows of trees the RCP building  Side view looking up of RCP building doors of the RCP showing shadows in the light coming through

Images copyright Tom Crame

Sarah Evans

 Lattice pattern staircase outside the building Model owl viewed through a window Corner of RCP building

Images copyright Sarah Evans

Katherine Pieri

External side view of the upper floors of the RCP Looking down into the spiral staircase Side view of the bricks of the Linacre wall Side of the Censors Room showing rainbow effect of light

Images copyright Katherine Pieri

Karthik Thirumurusin

Water droplets in the Garden Figure in motion on the staircase Stained glass

Images copyright Karthik Thirumurusin

Jackie Harding

Two chairs in the libraryCensors room Side view looking up at RCP building Corner of RCP building

Images copyright Jackie Harding


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