What we do

What we do

The Archive 

The RCP archive selects, collects, preserves, promotes and provides access to non-current records. These records demonstrate the developing role of the RCP and uniquely demonstrate the experiences of physicians and their patients. The RCP archive and collection services provide informational, educational, evidential and experiential value to internal and external users, while helping to inform the identity of the RCP as a whole.

Compendosia Totius Anatomiae Delineatio, 1559
Letters of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, 19th Century
Rare books with an apothecary jar

The Museum 

The RCP and its membership have always been key players in medicine. It is the mission of the RCP museum to share this story, as well as the work of the RCP past and present by using our unique collections of objects and stories. Through safeguarding and developing our collections we will engage people with the history of doctoring and use the past to inform the present of medicine for the benefit and enjoyment of our members and visitors. 

Clifts original drawing of a skull for Dr. Ballies Morbid Anatomy, 1793
Political brass buttons depicting Louis XIV receiving an enema
Robert Carswell Pathological Anatomy, 1838

The Library 

Our library acts as the evidence base for RCP guidance. It provides RCP staff, students and members with clinical and professional development materials at their fingertips, while maintaining a repository of RCP publications as a continuous historical record of our activity. Our collection is truly unique and has grown through our continued support of physicians for over 500 years. We seek to increase the sum of human knowledge by making our collections accessible for research, learning and maintaining the history of physicians and their practice.   

Researcher in reading room
Librarian shelving in the rolling stack
Staff member assisting student