Volume XI (1998-2004)

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Framroz Pirojshaw Antia © unknown

Antia, Framroz Pirojshaw

b.10 August 1916 d.19 October 2003


Vol XI

Pg 24

BSc Bombay(1938) MB BS(1941) MD(1944) MRCP(1946) MS Illinois(1949) FRCP(1969)
Felix Wilfrid Arden (Avatar)

Arden, Felix Wilfrid

b.20 April 1910 d.16 May 2002


Vol XI

Pg 25

CBE MB BS Adelaide(1931) MD(1934) MRCP(1936) FRACP(1972) FRCP(1974) MD Hons Queensland(1987)
Charles Nathaniel Armstrong (Avatar)

Armstrong, Charles Nathaniel

b.2 February 1897 d.19 December 1998


Vol XI

Pg 28

MB BS Durh(1920) BHyg & DPH(1921) MRCP(1928) MD(1938) FRCP(1944)
Sir William Melville Arnott (Avatar)

Arnott, (William) Melville

b.14 January 1909 d.17 September 1999


Vol XI

Pg 29

MB ChB Edin(1931) MRCP Edin(1933) BSc Edin(1934) FRCP Edin(1937) MD Edin(1937) MD Birm(1947) MRCP(1947) FRCP(1951) Hon FRCPC(1957) FRCPath(1963) Hon FACP(1968) FRSE(1971) DSc Edin(1975) DSc Chinese Univ of Hong Kong(1983)
Geoffrey Lister Asherson (Avatar)

Asherson, Geoffrey Lister

b.21 October 1929 d.30 May 2003


Vol XI

Pg 31

BA Oxon(1951) BM BCh(1953) MA(1953) MRCP Edin(1956) MRCP(1957) DCH(1957) DM(1963) MRCPath(1964) FRCP Edin(1971) FRCP(1973) FRCPath(1973)
Norman Henry Ashton (Avatar)

Ashton, Norman Henry

b.11 September 1913 d.4 January 2000


Vol XI

Pg 33

CBE(1976) MRCS LRCP(1939) MRCP(1957) DSc Lond(1960) FRCPath(1963) FRCP(1967) FRS(1971) Hon DSc Chicago(1973) FRCS(1976) FRCOphth(1989)
Fuad Michael Audeau © unknown

Audeau, Fuad Michael

b.1 November 1933 d.? March 2002


Vol XI

Pg 35

MB ChB Baghdad(1957) DTM&H(1963) LMSSA(1967) MRCP(1968) FRACP(1986) FRCP(1991)
Peter John Banks (Avatar)

Banks, Peter John

b.12 June 1922 d.4 December 2002


Vol XI

Pg 36

MB BS Lond MRCP(1952) FRCP(1974) FRCPC
John Godwin Banwell (Avatar)

Banwell, John Godwin

b.2 August 1930 d.29 December 2003


Vol XI

Pg 37

MA BM BCh Oxon MRCP(1959) FRCP(1979) RCOG
Henry Barcroft (Avatar)

Barcroft, Henry

b.18 October 1904 d.11 January 1998


Vol XI

Pg 37

MRCS LRCP(1932) MB BChir Cantab(1933) MA MD(1935)
Richard Garrett George Barry (Avatar)

Barry, Richard Garrett George

b.24 August 1914 d.19 October 2000


Vol XI

Pg 39

MB BCh BAO NUI(1937) MD(1948) MRCP(1948) DCH(1948) FRCP(1971) FRCPI(1978)
Denis John Bauer (Avatar)

Bauer, Denis John

b.6 August 1914 d.10 February 2001


Vol XI

Pg 41

PhD Cantab(1938) MB BChir(1943) MA(1962) FRCPath(1964) MRCP(1964) FRCP(1978)
John David Baum (Avatar)

Baum, John David

b.23 July 1940 d.5 September 1999


Vol XI

Pg 42

MB ChB Birm(1963) DCH Glasg(1965) MRCP(1966) MSc Lond(1972) MD Birm(1973) MA Oxon(1977) FRCP(1977) FRCPCH(1996) FRCPE(1998)
Robert Earl Beamish (Avatar)

Beamish, Robert Earl

b.9 September 1916 d.17 February 2001


Vol XI

Pg 45

BA McMaster BSc Manitoba MD FRCPC FRCP Edin FACP FACC FCCP MRCP(1948) FRCP(1977)
John Martin Beare (Avatar)

Beare, John Martin

b.13 January 1920 d.? June 1998


Vol XI

Pg 46

MB BCh BAO Belf(1942) MD(1946) MRCP(1948) FRCP(1966) MRCPI(1976) FRCPI(1978)
William Ernest Beer (Avatar)

Beer, William Ernest

b.5 July 1926 d.10 December 1999


Vol XI

Pg 47

MB BS Madras(1950) MRCP Edin(1963) FRCP Edin(1976) FRCP(1982)
James Donald Bell (Avatar)

Bell, James Donald

b.23 March 1935 d.25 July 2000


Vol XI

Pg 49

MB ChB Edin(1958) DCH(1960) MRCP Edin(1966) MRCP(1967) FRCP(1980) FRCP Edin(1983)
Richard Gore Benians (Avatar)

Benians, Richard Gore

b.4 June 1916 d.27 December 2003


Vol XI

Pg 50

BA Cantab(1937) MB BChir(1940) MA(1941) MRCP(1949) MD(1951) FRCP(1975)
Joseph Benn (Avatar)

Benn, Joseph

b.19 December 1909 d.22 May 1998


Vol XI

Pg 51

MB ChB Leeds(1934) MD(1944) MRCP(1944) FRCP(1967)
Anthony Norman Bennett (Avatar)

Bennett, Anthony Norman

b.5 August 1934 d.14 September 1996


Vol XI

Pg 52

MRCS LRCP(1966) MB BS Lond(1966) DCH(1968) MRCP(1970) FRCP(1996)