Volume IV (1826 - 1925)

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John Abercrombie (Avatar)

Abercrombie, John

b.1817 d.20 August 1892


Vol IV

Pg 54

BA Cantab(1839) MB(1845) MD FRCP(1849)
John Abercrombie (Avatar)

Abercrombie, John

b.1851 d.30 April 1914


Vol IV

Pg 313

BA Cantab(1874) MB(1877) MD MD Durh FRCP(1886)
John Hill Abram (Avatar)

Abram, John Hill

b.1863 d.13 July 1933


Vol IV

Pg 471

MB BS Lond(1887) MRCS FRCP(1906)
Theodore Dyke Acland (Avatar)

Acland, Theodore Dyke

b.14 November 1851 d.16 April 1931


Vol IV

Pg 332

BA Oxon(1874) MB(1880) MA DM MRCS FRCP(1889)
John George Adami (Avatar)

Adami, John George

b.12 January 1862 d.29 August 1926


Vol IV

Pg 541

CBE(1919) MA MD Cantab MA MD McGill Hon LLD Toronto Hon ScD Dubl Hon MD Belf FRCS FRS FRCP(1915)
William Addison (Avatar)

Addison, William

b.1802 d.26 September 1881


Vol IV

Pg 91

LSA(1824) MRCS(1825) FRS(1846) FRCP(1858)
William John Adie (Avatar)

Adie, William John

b.31 October 1886 d.17 March 1935


Vol IV

Pg 596

MB BCh Edin(1911) MD FRCP(1925)
Portrait of James Alderson (1794-1882), etched by D. Turner after J. Opie

Alderson, James

b.30 December 1794 d.13 September 1882


Vol IV

Pg 2

MB Cantab(1826) MA DM(1829) Hon DCL Oxon FRCP(1830) FRS
William Alexander (Avatar)

Alexander, William

b.3 September 1806 d.13 April 1888


Vol IV

Pg 167

MB Edin(1830) MD LRCS Edin FRCP(1869) JP
Thomas Clifford Allbutt photographed by Clarke, John Palmer, 1890

Allbutt, Thomas Clifford

b.20 July 1836 d.22 February 1925


Vol IV

Pg 290

KCB BA Cantab(1859) MB(1860) MA MD Hon DSc Oxon Manch Leeds Hon LLD Glasg McGill Toronto St And Durh Hon MD Dubl FRS FRCP(1883) Hon FRCPI JP DL
Painting of Sir William Henry Allchin, (1846-1912) by Sir Luke Fildes, 1909

Allchin, William Henry

b.16 October 1846 d.8 February 1912


Vol IV

Pg 253

MRCS LSA(1869) MB Lond(1871) MD FRCP(1878) FRS Edin
Sir Hugh Kerr Anderson (Avatar)

Anderson, Hugh Kerr

b.6 July 1865 d.2 November 1928


Vol IV

Pg 584

MB BCh Cantab(1891) MA MD FRS FRCP(1923)
John Anderson (Avatar)

Anderson, John

b.1840 d.10 October 1910


Vol IV

Pg 384

MB BS Manch(1861) MD St And MRCS LSA FRCP(1896)
James Anderson (Avatar)

Anderson, James

b.13 January 1853 d.28 February 1893


Vol IV

Pg 319

MA Aberd(1873) MB CM(1876) MD FRCP(1887)
James Andrew (Avatar)

Andrew, James

b.7 September 1829 d.21 April 1897


Vol IV

Pg 148

BA Oxon(1852) BM(1860) MA DM FRCP(1866)