Volume II (1701-1800)

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Thomas Addams (Avatar)

Addams, Thomas

b.? d.26 April 1785


Vol II

Pg 148

MB Cantab(1734) MD(1739) FRCP(1741)
John Addenbrooke (Avatar)

Addenbrooke, John

b.1680 d.7 June 1719


Vol II

Pg 14

AB Cantab(1701) AM(1705) Ex LRCP(1706) MD(1712)
Oil portrait of Anthony Addington by John Rowell, c.1750.

Addington, Antony

b.1714 d.22 March 1790


Vol II

Pg 198

AB Oxon(1739) AM(1740) MB(1741) MD(1744) FRCP(1756)
Swithen Adee (Avatar)

Adee, Swithen

b.1705 d.12 August 1786


Vol II

Pg 256

AB Oxon(1721) AM(1724) MD(1733) FRCP(1763)
John Aiken (Avatar)

Aiken, John

b.15 January 1747 d.7 December 1822


Vol II

Pg 421

MD Leyden(1784) LRCP(1792)
Henry Ainslie (Avatar)

Ainslie, Henry

b.1760 d.26 October 1834


Vol II

Pg 437

AB Cantab(1781) AM(1784) MD(1793) FRCP(1795)
Oil painting of Mark Akenside, (1721-1770) by an unknown artist

Akenside, Mark

b.9 November 1721 d.23 June 1770


Vol II

Pg 195

MD Leyden(1744) LRCP(1751) MD Cantab(1753) FRCP(1754)
Nathan Alcock (Avatar)

Alcock, Nathan

b.1707 d.8 December 1779


Vol II

Pg 189

MD Leyden(1737) MA Oxon(1741) MB(1744) MD(1749) FRS(1749-50) FRCP(1754)
Joseph Allen (Avatar)

Allen, Joseph

b.1713 d.10 January 1796


Vol II

Pg 272

MD St Andrew's(1754) LRCP(1765)
John Andrée (Avatar)

Andrée, John

b.1698 d.4 February 1785


Vol II

Pg 148

MD Rheims(1739) LRCP(1741)
Portrait of John Arbuthnot (1667 - 1735), M.D.F.R.C.P., F.R.S engraved by T. Prescott

Arbuthnot, John

b.? d.27 February 1735


Vol II

Pg 27

MD Aberdeen MD Cantab(1705) Hon FRCP Edin(1707) FRCP(1710)
Painting of Edward Archer, (1717-1789) by Robert Edge Pine, 1782

Archer, Edward

b.1717 d.28 March 1789


Vol II

Pg 182

MD Leyden(1746) LRCP(1752)
Edward Ash (Avatar)

Ash, Edward

b.1764 d.29 Mar 1829


Vol II

Pg 465

AB Oxon(1786) AM(1788) MD(1796) FRCP(1799) FRS
John Ash (Avatar)

Ash, John

b.1723 d.18 June 1798


Vol II

Pg 378

AB Oxon(1743) AM(1746) MB(1750) MD(1754) FRCP(1787) FRS
Portrait statuette of Anthony Askew (1722-1774) created by Chitqua, c. 1770

Askew, Anthony

b.1722 d.28 February 1774


Vol II

Pg 185

MB Cantab(1745) MD(1750) FRS(1749) FRCP(1753)