Volume I (1518-1700)

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Sir John Baber (Avatar)

Baber, John

b.1620 d.1703/4


Vol I

Pg 277

MB Oxon(1646) MD Angers(1648) MD Oxon(1650) FRCP(1657)
Andrew Baden (Avatar)


Vol I

Pg 515

AB Cantab(1686) AM(1690) LRCP(1696) MD Cantab(1697)
John Bainbridge (Avatar)

Bainbridge, John

b.1582 d.3 November 1643


Vol I

Pg 175

AB Cantab(1603) AM(1607) MD(1614) LRCP(1618) MD Oxon(1620)
Sir Thomas Baines (Avatar)

Baines, Thomas

b.c.1622 d.5 September 1680


Vol I

Pg 301

AB Cantab(1642) AM(1649) MD Padua MD Cantab(1660) FRCP(1660-1) FRS
Peter Balle (Avatar)

Balle, Peter

b.c.1639 d.?


Vol I

Pg 335

MD Padua(1660) Hon FRCP(1664) FRS
Portrait of Peter Barwick engraved by G. Vertue

Barwick, Peter

b.1619 d.4 September 1705


Vol I

Pg 352

AB Cantab(1642) AM MD(1655) FRCP(1665)