Lancelot Browne

Lancelot Browne


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AB Cantab(1562-3) AM(1566) MD(1576) FRCP(1584)

Lancelot Browne, M.D., was a native of York, educated at Cambridge. He was matriculated as a pensioner of St. John’s College in May, 1559, proceeded A.B. 1562-3, and commenced A.M. 1566. In 1567 he was elected a fellow of Pembroke Hall, and in 1570 was licensed by the university to practise physic. He took a leading part in the opposition to the new statutes of the university in 1572, and was one of the proctors of the university in 1573. (1) He was created M.D. in 1576; was admitted a Fellow of the College of Physicians, 10th June, 1584; was Censor, 1587, 1590, 1591, 1592, 1594, 1595; Elect, 13th July, 1599; Consiliarius, 1604, 1605. Dr. Browne was first physician to Queen Elizabeth. In 1580 he presented to the vicarage of Roughton, co. Norfolk. He was certainly dead on the 11th December, 1605, when Dr. Craig was appointed Elect and Dr. Atkins Consiliarius in his place. Dr. Browne’s daughter was the wife of Harvey. [There is a complimentary letter of his prefixed to Gerards Herbal. It is dated from the Queens Palace at Westminster in Decr 1597.]

William Munk

[(1) Cooper’s Athenæ Cantab., ii, p.421.]

[Mr J C C Smith of H M Court of Probate sends me the following. Lancelot Browne = Joanne Mill – 1608. (1) Daughter (Elizabeth ?) = Dr Harvey (2) Galen (3) Richard.]

[See also note opp. p.78 – (Acts of the Privy Council, 1588 [just before the fleet sailed to attack the Armada] – W.G. (William Gilbert) & others* were directed “to put themselves presently in a readyness to goe downe to the Navye & to carry with them…drogues…” *Roger Marbeck, Lancelot Browne, Ralph Wilkinson)]