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Edward Atslowe

Edward Atslowe


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Edward Atslowe, M.D., [from Eversholt, Beds.] was educated at Winchester and New College, Oxford. Being then M.A. and fellow of his college, he was, on the 22nd August, 1554 [or 1564], actually created doctor of physic, in the house of Dr. Henry Baylie, situated in the High Street, leading to the Quadrivium, by Dr. Thomas Francis and him, the said Dr. Henry Baylie, by virtue of a commission directed to them by the venerable convocation. He was one of four (three of whom were doctors of medicine) thus created, because appointed by the Convocation to dispute before Queen Elizabeth, when she came to be entertained by the academicians in the beginning of September of this year. (1) The date of Dr. Atslowe’s admission as a Fellow of the College of Physicians is not recorded, but it must have been at some period between 1565 and 1569. (2) He was Censor in 1569, 1570, 1571; Elect, 12th November, 1572; and Consiliarius, 1572, 1583. Dr. Atslowe, who was married at Stoke Newington, on the 2nd November, 1573, to Frances Wingfield, was dead 28th May, 1594, [He was buried at St James Clerkenwell “1594 Apr 26 Mr Doctor Atslowe in the chancel.”] when his place of Elect was supplied by the election of Dr. Christopher Johnson, another distinguished Wykehamist.

Dr. Atslowe was a zealous Catholic, and warmly attached to the cause of the unfortunate Mary Queen of Scots. [By the command of Q. Elizabeth he visited the Queen at Sheffield in company with Dr. Good (p.58) in December 1570 and remained in attendance on her for a month. Leaders Mary Queen of Scots in Captivity 8oo Sheffield 1880, pp158-163.] He suffered imprisonment for designing the means for her escape; and in a letter of Thomas Morgan to the Queen of Scots we read, “I hear that Dr. Atslow was racked twice, almost to death, in the Tower, about the Earl of Arundell his matters, and intention to depart England.” The Earl, who died in 1595, settled an annuity on the doctor’s widow.”

William Munk

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[Mention in connection with plot against Queen, Oct. 1569. (H. M. Comm. Salisbury MSS., i, 432, 436, iii, 97, 102.)
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