RCP Museum Taster Tour: Fortitude
1.30pm - 2pm
11 St Andrew's Place, London, NW1 4LE
Visitors explore exhibition Fortitude

Join an expert from the RCP archives, heritage library and museum team for an introductory tour to powerful exhibition 'Fortitude: healthcare workers' experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic'.

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‘The pandemic really brought out the good in people, it seemed to illuminate our strengths and fortitude in the face of an ever-evolving virus.’ - RM, clinical microbiology fellow

In January 2021 the RCP museum created a survey to collect and record the experiences of RCP members and other healthcare professionals working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From trainee doctors and consultants to GPs and physician associates, survey respondents from over 20 medical specialties and professions described how their lives were transformed. With their permission, the RCP is privileged to share their experiences, in their own words.

These stories may be challenging to hear. They are honest and speak of suffering, chaos and exhaustion. They are also inspiring, filled with compassion, courage and joy. Some stories may contradict our own understanding of the pandemic, and others caution and urge us to learn from these experiences.

The objects, images, written accounts and recordings in the exhibition were donated to the RCP via the survey, and the quotes are taken directly from donations.

There will be a tour followed by time for questions.

‘I hope that the sharing of our experiences can help people to glean some further understanding and show some greater compassion for all those that have toiled, sacrificed and suffered in the last few years … Though it may be difficult and they may want to turn away, I hope they don’t so we can all build a deeper understanding of what so many like me have experienced in the healthcare profession.’

YT, palliative medicine ST5 (specialty training year 5), London

Please note this exhibition contains images, descriptions and audio recordings relating to illness, death, grief and trauma.

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