Quincentennial Society meeting: 500 years and counting - the future
Royal College of Physicians

This meeting will focus on the future including genetics, nanotechnology, infection medicine and medical ethics.


  • The future of genetics (Sir John Burn)
  • Nanotechnology (Professor Russell Cowburn)
  • Climate change (Dr David Pencheon)
  • The future of medicine (Dr Georgina Russell)
  • Infection medicine (Professor Liz Sockett)
  • Vision of the future of medicine (Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard)
  • Medicial Ethics (Professor Albert Weale)

For more information, please visit the RCP London website.


Quincentennial Society Meetings:

The Quincentennial Society is an association which provides for fellows and members of the Royal College of Physicians and its faculties, an opportunity to contribute to the activities of the RCP and to enjoy the scientific, cultural and educational meetings to which selected speakers are invited. The RCP has now opened the lectures to the public in order to give the opportunity of these one-day meetings held usually three times a year to everyone. The society was set up in March 2007 by the treasurer, supported by a Steering Committee of retired fellows. The meetings are convivial events and a lot of our members take the opportunity to catch up with some of their former colleagues.