Doctors in their own words: voices from the archive
Online event
Oral history interviewees

The RCP oral history collection holds over 250 recorded interviews of doctors speaking about their experiences in medicine over the past 90 years.

Join oral history project officer Sarah Lowry to explore stories of pioneering medical advances, including early uses of penicillin and insulin and the development of kidney dialysis, and hear physicians discuss the changes they have witnessed in doctor / patient communication, junior doctors’ lives and the National Health Service.

This virtual talk will include a presentation and audio extracts from the oral history collection.

Tickets can be booked by donation. All the donations, minus the Eventbrite admin fees, will go to support the Royal College of Physicians Museum in these challenging times.

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Virtual talks for your group

Our knowledgeable curatorial staff are available to give virtual talks like this for your group or event on a range of topics. All talks are 30 minutes plus 10 minutes Q&A. 

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