Use our images

Use our images

Images of the RCP collections and building are available for use in your publications, lectures and media. 

All the images on this website and hundreds more can be licenced for use in your projects. There are more than 30,000 pre-1900 books at the RCP, covering the history of medicine and diverse subjects such as Italian architecture, astrology, natural history and mathematics. There are also nearly 250 oil paintings, thousands of archive documents, engraved prints, sculptures, silver and medical artefacts.  

To use our images please fill out our online picture library order form, alternatively you can contact us at with the subject line ‘Image order’. If you know the image you would like to use, please complete the order form and include it with your email. 

We welcome all enquiries, even if you are uncertain of the particular picture you would like to use, and we will be happy to assist with helping you find the right image for your project. If we do not currently hold the image you need we also commission photography upon special request. Please email us with details of your requirements for more information.

A selection of our images are available on the image gallery to view.

The Maniac by George Dawe (1781–1829)
The Maniac by George Dawe (1781–1829)
William Hunter by Johann Zoffany (1733–1810)
William Hunter by Johann Zoffany (1733–1810)

Intended image use charges


Price* per image inc VAT

Private study / academic lecture / thesis (unpublished)

JPEG only. Free where image exists/in-house photography £6**

Published thesis (incl. in an accessible university repository or British Library EthOS system)


Book/periodical – front cover (print run up to 1,000)


Book/periodical – inside (print run up to 1,000)


Book/periodical – front cover (print run over 1,000)


Book/periodical – inside (print run over 1,000)


Stand-alone e-book – front cover  


Stand-alone e-book – inside


E-book simultaneous to physical publication


Paid-for website service, downloadable PDF or online journal


Free access website, PDF or online journal


Subsequent editions within 6 years (same use, proof of purchase required)

50% of original fee

Merchandise / promotional items


Film/television/video inclusion***


Reproduction in a temporary exhibition display or leaflet


Reproduction in a permanent exhibition display


Publicity – including social media, newsletters, e-marketing (please provide further details below)


Conditions of use

Fire escape

  • All images will be supplied in digital format (JPEG or TIFF – subject to availability). If a different format is required additional costs may apply.

  • Images supplied from the RCP’s collection may not be reproduced in any way without the written permission of the RCP and must be accompanied by an approved credit line – ‘© Royal College of Physicians’, or as agreed.

  • Supplied images must be deleted after use and not retained for future use by the client.

  • If reproduction rights are granted, they are strictly limited to the use specified by the client on this application form – for additional use and new editions, new permissions must be sought.

  • Reproduction rights are never granted exclusively to the client.

  • Permissions are granted to the client and may not then be assigned to any third party.

  • Rights to reproduce an image do not include the right to use that image for publicity unless specifically granted.

  • The client shall agree to indemnify the RCP in respect of any claim or damages or any loss or costs arising in any manner from reproduction without proper reproduction rights of any image supplied by the RCP.

  • The RCP shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the client or any third party arising from the use of any picture or its caption.


  • The RCP owns material for which it does not own the copyright. It is not possible to supply such material unless the client obtains permission for this from the copyright holder first. The RCP accepts no liability for any infringement caused by a client’s use of a copyrighted image.
  • No image copyright passes to the client with the RCP’s grant of reproduction permission.