Research services

Research services

Our history of medicine research service is based in our acclaimed 1964 Grade I listed headquarters, in the heart of London’s Knowledge Quarter.

Selected archive and older print items, as well as many of the museum artefacts, are on display throughout our Grade 1 listed headquarters. For details on our current exhibitions and events see here. Most of the collections are in storage and are accessible via our research service.

RCP reading room
Reading Room enquiry desk
Reading room

COVID-19 and visitor access

Last updated: 30 September 2021

Our research services are closed to visitors until further notice. Staff are working to support our researchers by responding to email enquiries and providing all the services we can remotely. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions: email or call 0203 075 1313

For more information about accessing our collections online, please see below.

Heritage library:

Archive and museum collections:

RCP and COVID-19 

For more on how the RCP is responding to the coronavirus pandemic to protect its members, staff and public, see

Registering as a researcher

RCP William Harvey If you would like to access our rare book and archive collections you will need to register as a researcher. To do this, you will need to bring with you two documents: one photographic ID (eg driving licence) and one proof of address (eg recent bank statement). You will not be able to view collections without registering first. 

Your registration lasts for 12 months. If you visit again within 12 months, you wont need to provide any documentation. If you visit again after 12 months, you will need to re-register by providing up-to-date documentation. 

For more information about registering, including what documents to bring, see our reader registration instructions

How to make a research appointment

Our collections are available for anyone to use for research. Archives, museum objects, and books published before 1850 can be viewed by appointment. To make an appointment, please email or call 0203 075 1313

We are usually open for appointments 10am–5pm, Monday–Friday. Please provide at least three working days’ notice of your preferred dates, so that we can confirm staff and resources are available on the day of your visit.

When you make an appointment, please be as specific as possible about what collection items you would like to see. If you can, please provide the reference numbers of any archive items, the object numbers of museum objects, or the title and author, or barcode numbers, of any books you would like to see. You can find all the above information on our heritage library catalogue and museum and archives catalogue

Using our collections

female reproduction Our collections are irreplaceable and are being preserved for the benefit of current and future generations. They must, therefore, be treated with great care. Where surrogates, such as digital copies, are available for particularly vulnerable items, you may be required to use these instead of the originals. 

When using archives and rare books:

  • Please make sure your hands are clean.
  • Use either a pencil or electronic device for making notes. Pens are not permitted. We can provide you with a pencil.
  • Food and drink of any kind is not permitted near collections. There is a café and public seating areas in the RCP where food and drink can be consumed.
  • Photographs can be taken with permission, as long as you do not use a flash.
  • Please follow all staff instructions regarding the handling of archives and books. For example, you may be required to use a cushion to view fragile volumes
  • When viewing items, a member of staff will be on hand at all times to assist you. Please follow their instructions.

If any items are found to be too fragile to use, you will not be able to view them, even if you’ve already made an appointment. We will make every effort to provide surrogate copies, or suggest sources that may provide the same information. For more information about using our collections see our terms of access and guide to self-service photography.

Your visit

The nearest tube stations are Regent’s Park or Great Portland Street.

When you arrive, please sign in at reception and collect a visitor pass. The receptionist will be able to direct you to the reading room on the second floor (top floor) of the building. Please note that you need to go to the reading room, not to the Dorchester library.

Toilets are located on the lower ground floor below reception. Free cloakroom facilities are sometimes available on the lower ground floor. We do not have lockers for researchers. Regent’s Perk café is located on the lower ground floor. There is a public seating area on the second floor gallery opposite the reading room. Food and drink (including bottled water) may not be consumed in the reading room when using archives, museum objects, or books published before 1850.

Research guides

We also produce a range of downloadable guides to support researchers. These include: