Spirometry: Is ‘normal’ what it seems?

Something as seemingly simple as measuring breath and lung capacity can be dramatically affected by assumptions and biases in studies, as recent research into spirometry has shown.

Katie Birkwood

Uncovering Prospero Alpini’s Egyptian medicine treasures

Early modern books are all different, and studying them can uncover details about the communities of people who made, used and owned them over hundreds of years. Sally Nichols explores several copies of books by the Italian physician Prospero Alpini in the RCP library.

Katie Birkwood

Touching for ‘the King’s evil’: a short history

Touching the king or queen was once thought to be a reliable cure for tuberculous disease. The ‘Royal touch’ was used by thousands of people for several centuries in an effort to cure a condition known as ‘the King’s evil’.

Katie Birkwood