Honey: The Elixir of Life Made Flesh

Archives Volunteer, Jessica Reeves explores the miraculous medical use of honey as a cure all ingredient in early modern recipes.

Honey: The Elixir of Life Made Flesh 

A Story of Power Emerges from the Pages

During summer 2022, the RCP archives team were delighted to welcome Traci Picard, Public Humanities masters student at Brown University, Rhode Island. Traci has begun creating a super-index of our 40-or-so handwritten medical recipe books, which will enable researchers to search across the whole collection for particular ailments, remedies, and ingredients.  The super-index will go online in 2023, and we are currently uploading the books themselves to the Internet Archive

The surprising dangers of sewing machines

Rare books and special collections librarian, Katie Birkwood explores the surprising dangers of sewing machines, representing wider medical concerns about women's bodies in 19th century Europe.