Shell shock, what’s in a name?

As we reflect on the 104th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, sources from the archive reveal a controversial medical debate about shell shock: was it caused by physical injury, or was there a psychological cause?

Elizabeth Douglas

Modern portraits: Physicians for Africa

A striking modern portrait of prominent physician Professor Evarist Njelesani provides an insight into the history and work of the East, Central and Southern African College of Physicians.

Lowri Jones
RCP Regent's Park building, side view

LFA Digital: Architecture, Power and the RCP

Join us to watch a new short video by our senior curator, Lowri Jones, exploring how the LFA theme of ‘Power’ relates to the extraordinary buildings that have housed the RCP over its 500 year history.

Gail Chapman

Medical medals

Medals may not look like the most interesting of objects at first glance, but further investigation of the RCP Museum’s collection shows that these tiny objects can hold some fascinating stories.

Lowri Jones